AMA Chapter 1632

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Attention IT's ama renwal time!
Now accepting applications with club dues for 2024.
Please submit your application and payments in the mail.
Checks should be made out to neprcc and mailed to
NEPRCC PO Box 52436 Phila, PA 19115

Pylon Race Sunday Sept 10th Postponed.

Race 4 and 5 will be run on Sunday October 8th 2023

Saturday Oct 21st is our Fall Fun Fly

Prez Sez

Our President Angelo Tata;

I have been running, guiding, and now maintaining the Club for the last 25 years I am an avid builder and flyer of all types of Radio Control Aircraft. I am an Intro Pilot with the Academy of Model Aeronautics and I enjoy the camaraderie of our Club members. I work hard in my retirement keeping the peace and caring for our exceptional flying field. We welcome you to visit and join our fine organization.

Please feel free to contact me below
with any questions or complaints.

Meeting Minutes April 25th 2023

Agenda NEPRCC 4-14-2023

Welcome Members:

Meeting Minutes from Saturday, April 15th 2023

The FAA and AMA have had clubs across the country jumping through hoops to legally fly model airplanes. How crazy is that. All the AMA chartered clubs are awaiting FRIA approval for their respective flying sites. We are no different.

Please be diligent in respect to following the safety guidelines established by AMA, the ones we have abided by since the clubs inception.

We have an agreement with N.E. Phila. Airport dating back to 2016 when Aleksey and I visited the FAA tower boss. In the agreement it indicates a 400’ a.g.l. and 2000’ radius from center of Benjamin Rush State Park. This agreement was included with our application for FRIA status. I’m not sure if it is still in force.

One of our problems has been losing airplane outside our permitted area. Please fly in closer to help prevent this from occurring in the first place. Utilize a spotter to assist in re-orienting yourself to the attitude of the model? Excursions outside the flying area can jeopardize the agreement to fly in the park. Bear in mind that we can be ordered to leave at any time.

Skip Chernoff has served as safety coordinator. During his absence we need someone to step in and assume the role. I would like to see at least 2 members fill this position. Ideally, we are all responsible for the day-to-day safety of each other and the preservation of the agreement to fly here. Please share the field and communicate with each other and most of all have fun!

Treasury Report: Gary Busler

Below is the April 2023 Treasurer’s Report. Only income of $220.30 from Dues, Donation and Interest with not expenses to report.



NEPRCC Treasury Report April 2023

Last Month Balance: 3/11/22$6,953.05

Current Month Balance: 4/10/22$7,173.35



Membership Dues$200.00

Donations/Event Food Donations$20.00Expenses:$0.00

Tentative events schedule will be posted on web site and e-mailed prior to the day of event.

Events for this season need to be scheduled. I personally do not manage events.

An event coordinator needs to step up if we are to have events.

April 15th Field Cleanup Meeting at Field

April 16th 1st Pylon Race season

May 7th 2nd Pylon Race season

May 13th Opening Picnic Fun Fly

June 11th 3rd Pylon Race season

June 17th Summer Fun Fly

July 15th Warbird Over NEPRCC

July 30th Control Line PAMPA Event

August 12th Summer Fun Fly

Sept 10th 4th Pylon Race season

Sept 16th End Summer Fun Fly

Oct 8th 5th Pylon Race season

Oct 21st Fall Fun Fly

Nov 5th 6th Pylon Race season

Nov 12th Pylon Race Makeup date if needed.

Jan 6th Frosty Finger Fun Fly

Field maintenance: Same as last year. Most of the field prep is done on a Thursday morning. If the weather is a factor it could be Wednesday or Friday. In extreme case Saturday. With the regular crew it takes about 1-1/2 hours to complete the task. Our equipment is in very good condition relative to its age.

Please acknowledge the efforts that these dedicated members make to keep this field in the condition it’s in.

Let’s all work together to have a great season!

Saturdays cleanup was helpful, repaired some of the fencing, put flag and windsock up, moved coral wall back for more room, thanks to members that came out and helped with these projects.

Sincerely your Club Officers