AMA Chapter 1632

During the COVID-19 State Quarantine the Park is Open and the Comfort Stations are Open!

       The Field is Now OPEN for Daily FLYING at this Time!             

We ask that all Members and visitors to the Benjamin Rush State Park and NEPRCC Club field use social distancing guidelines as COVID-19 Mitigation UPDATE: 6/1/2021: Effective June 1 until further notice the Park has resumed Outdoor programming normal occupancy.

Please Remove all trash and items that you bring to the field as we have a no trash policy.

FAA Renewal Click above.

Click on the link on the Document below to download either file.

The Official Club Mailing Adress is:

NEPRCC P.O. Box 52436, Philadelphia, PA. 19115

Please address all applications and correspondence to the same, Mail is picked up at least twice a month, and is processed by the Secretary. Thank you

Our Club requires all Members to Register their Aircraft (UAS) or (Drone) with the FAA. The Link to the FAA Registration / Renewal site is

https://www.droneregistration.com/. The picture to the right also has link to site

Thank You.